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Vinyl Flooring

We will now be discussing vinyl floors. Vinyl flooring can come in rolls with different designs like tile or wood effect. This is a popular choice for kitchens due to its durability, ease of care and suitability for all rooms. Vinyl flooring offers a wide variety of styles and colours in varying thicknesses. Ordinarily, vinyl flooring is stain resistant and water resistant, which means it’s perfect for a kitchen. With all the potential for spills and thrills, the easy clean up that accompanies this flooring is a bonus. As well as this, vinyl has a cushioned backing for more comfort underfoot, giving a luxurious feel with every stride.
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How to save your wooden floor for a long time

How to save your wooden floor for a long time A lot of people prefer wooden flooring for their homes or offices. And that’s understandable - hardwood flooring looks so classy! But when you have this type of flooring, you have to know that it’s really important to take care of it. Hardwood flooring is smooth and to keep it surface like that we recommend you to be careful not to damage it. It needs care - just like everything luxurious. That’s why we created that kind of floor care that can keep the wood looking fresh as long as possible! Wе offer brand new floor sanding techniques for those who have already damaged their floors. Our machines are 99% dust free, and also are gentle to the wooden ground. Floor sanding is amazing and apropriate if you want to invest in the long lasting “life” of your parquet. Another good way to take care of your hardwood floor is polishing. Our firm has many different types of top coats. If you want something more cheerful, our experts can offer you colour

Floor Sanding Keston

Why we are company that you can trust!

Why we are company that you can trust!  In our face you'll find quality services and some of best sanding machines in the region. Contact our reliable sanding company because everyone - from our consultation managers to our lovely customer service team - prides themselves on ensuring that the customer is delighted with the end results of our work! We can offer you: Restoration of scratched and worn wooden floors ; Restoration of wood floors which have wood worm; Restoration of hardwood floor boards; Restoration of softwood floor boards; Specialist restoration of parquet floors; Restoration of dirty wooden floors; Restoration of wood floors with paint stains and many more. If you have questions, please contact us or request a call back on our website! Check out our website to see how you many floors we have improved by the years! We only use a quality and healthy products for your flooring! Get a free estimate now on our page! Our experts are specially trained in customer service